Construction has begun on SeaWorld San Diego’s new attraction for 2020 — the tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster in California.

The initial phase of construction involves preparing the site for the installation of the ride’s foundation and utilities. 

The dive coaster will be located adjacent to the Journey to Atlantis ride in the southeast corner of the park.

Along with being the tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster in California, this new attraction will be the only floorless dive coaster in the state.

The ride, built by Switzerland-based Bolliger & Mabillard, will climb to 153 feet.

Riders, with their feet dangling in the air, will be suspended on a 45-degree angle at the crown of the ride before plunging down a 143-foot facedown vertical drop, accelerating to more than 60 miles per hour.

During the two-minute ride, visitors will also experience heart-pounding inversions, a barrel roll and Immelmann loop, a hammerhead turn and a flat spin as they race along nearly 2,500 feet of track.

Each of the floorless ride cars will hold 18 riders in three, six-person rows.

SeaWorld San Diego unveils plans for latest rollercoaster | News

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